Cohesive Wraps

Arrowhead Animal Health has developed unique coating and manufacturing technology to create a stronger, better-gripping and longer-lasting line of cohesive tapes, wraps and bandages for animal care.  Cohesive tapes have no 'sticky' adhesive, so they will not pull on fur. They are commonplace in all veterinary hospitals, boarding stables, kennels and animal health clinics.  Whether our premier No-Cone Cohesive Chew-Prevention Wrap, our gold standard Arrow Vet Co, our extra-sturdy Arrow Flex Cohesive wrap, or our completely unique low-profile Thin-Flex Co, these tapes are all designed to be self-adhering.   Made with pride in the USA: We are an FDA-registered facility. Our products are engineered to the highest demands of durability and performance. 

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