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We focus on doing one thing: we make world-class tapes and wraps.


Arrowhead Animal Health is a new name, but behind it is over three decades spent becoming world-class experts in vet tapes, animal tapes, and wraps. We are a division of Arrowhead Athletics - an industry-leading supplier of Performance Tapes & Wraps to athletes and teams at all competitive levels, worldwide, for more than 30 years. We are proud to launch our Arrowhead Animal Health Division and capitalize on that experience in offering premium cohesive vet tapes and adhesive tape products for all species - large mammal and small, for all practices ranging from equine health to family pet care. We have an amazing selection for equine hoof taping as well as tape that won't stick to animal fur.



Our History As American Manufacturers
All Arrowhead products are made in a factory just north of Boston, MA., whose history dates back to the 1800’s and manufacturing textiles during the Civil War. Even today you can view history in our plant that stretches back over a century, through generation, World Wars, and technological revolutions. All Arrowhead products are manufactured in a controlled environment, which ensures product stability, consistency and reliability.

Who Uses Our Tape, and Inspires us to Keep Growing
Arrowhead Animal Health designs and manufactures premium animal tapes and wraps for those who provide care to animals of all sizes (small dogs to large equine and bovine patients). Our customers range from small Vet Clinics to private and commercial Stables and Boarding houses to large veterinary hospitals, commercial farms, and zoos.

Quality Guarantee
Having developed quality tapes and wraps for over 30 years, we’re confident in the consistent performance of every product that leaves our plant and stand behind our products with a quality guarantee.

Our on-site research and development team is constantly innovating with new processes, materials, designs and applications and in many cases, customizes product for specific end use. Arrowhead’s technology has evolved steadily over the years making us an industry-leading provider of performance-driven specialized veterinary tapes and animal wraps.

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