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Arrowhead EASY TEAR Split-Roll Tapes - 2 Rolls in 1

2 Rolls in 1 - Tape Faster, and Easier, with Arrowhead Split-Roll Tapes

Taping is a critical part of any clinical veterinary care setting.  From placing catheters, securing medical equipment, fixing gauze and bandages to post-operative areas, a quality breathable cotton tape is important for any clinic.  However, juggling different size rolls, different widths, and tough-tearing tapes can cost technicians and care providers valuable time and energy in preparing and completing procedures.  Arrowhead Animal Health knows that there are many ways to help veterinary care be better, and sometimes it helps to think outside the box!

Arrowhead is proud to announce Split-Roll Tapes!  We use our tested easy-tear fabric and a serrated cut that  provides TWO rolls of tape on a single tape core - allowing you to avoid tearing down a strip of tape and eliminating the need to juggle multiple rolls during complex procedures!

What makes split-roll great?

  • Easy-tear fabric, and serrated edges, to help tearing be fast and easy 
  • Choose from 2 setups: 0.75"/0.75", or a 1"/ 0.5" roll
  • Breathable adhesive tested in millions of rolls of tape
  • Saves time, and simplifies ordering and inventory

Case options are:

0.75"/0.75" x 10yds, with 32 rolls per case

1"/0.5" x 10yds, with 32 rolls per case


Contains dry natural rubber

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