Lite-Guard Premium Stretch & Tear Bandage | Latex Free

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Lightweight, cotton stretch & tear tape

Developed by Arrowhead’s engineers to offer an easy-tear solution for compression, support, extreme flexibility and breathability in a lightweight tape.

Lite-Guard is a "stretch and tear" tape that features excellent elongation, easy unwind and tear - roll after roll - and uses a durable construction which holds up under even intense use.

Lite-Guard's fabric is open and breathable, and its adhesive has been engineered to tolerate being re-positioned, but also to grip aggressively when wrapped and pressure applied. Together, these produce a tape that allows movement of joints and musculature while still supporting under light or heavy tension.

We offer a variety of colors and sizes of Lite-Guard. The 2" and 3" wraps are most commonly used to help small mammals and domesticated pets. The 6" wrap is most common to support working animal, livestock, and large mammals (including equine care). For additional size options not shown here, please contact us! We may be able to create custom sizes for you.

Latex Free

Proudly made in the USA

How much tape will I get?

Options # Rolls Roll Length Total Length
(per case)
2" 24 per case 2" x 7.5 yards 180 yards
(540 feet)
3" 16 per case 3" x 7.5 yards 120 yards
(360 feet)
8 per case
6" x 7.5 yards
60 yards
(180 feet)

Product Features

  • lightweight, highly breathable fabric construction
  • extreme elongation & flexibility across joints
  • elastic textured fabric provides a thicker feel to the tape
  • allows airflow to wrapped area
  • Made in USA, with pride


  • hoof taping, to secure bottom hoof pad
  • compression taping, forms soft cast when pressure applied
  • bandaging and securing bandage placement

Why Arrowhead Tape?

Be ready for anything with Arrowhead animal tapes and wraps. Our tapes are built to be stronger, stretch better, and grip itself tighter than other similar products on the market today. We make our tapes 100% in the USA, using our own equipment and materials in our plant located in Andover, MA.

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