Elasti-Guard Heavyweight Elastic Bandage (Latex Free!)

Heavyweight, Cotton Elastic Tape

Elasti-Guard is a heavyweight, high-tensile strength cotton stretch tape. It's extremely durable construction and breathable substrate fabric is highly conformable, elastic, and strong.  Latex Free

Elasti-Guard has excellent unwind, stretch, and strength. It's heavy-weave cotton fabric can withstand high-stretch pressure without unwanted tearing. It's based on a proven adhesive system optimized through years of testing and innovation.

2" and 3" wraps are most commonly used to help small mammals and domesticated pets.

6" wraps are most common to support working animal, livestock, and large mammals (including equine care).

Not made with natural rubber latex.

Standard Size and Packaging

Options # Rolls Roll Length Total Length
2" Case 24 rolls per case 2" x 5 yards (stretched) 120 yards
(360 feet)
3" Case 16 rolls per case 3" x 5 yards 
80 yards
(240 feet)
6" Case 8 rolls per case 6" x 5 yards 
40 yards
(120 feet)

Custom sizes available upon request.

Product Features

  • heavyweight fabric construction suitable for extreme tensile requirements
  • high elongation memory
  • durable construction
  • industry-leading self-stick and tensile strength
  • easy unwind, application, and tear
  • Not made with natural rubber latex


  • Hoof taping
  • Limb taping for large mammals
  • Supporting bandage for strapping, structural and muscular taping

Why Arrowhead Tape?

Be ready for anything with Arrowhead animal tapes and wraps. Our tapes are built to be stronger, stretch better, and grip itself tighter than other similar products on the market today. We make our tapes 100% in the USA, using our own equipment and materials in our plant located in Andover, MA.

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