Protective Plus

Protective Plus Premium, Porous Rigid Tape (Latex Free!) (15 YARDS per roll)

Top quality, rigid tapes

Protective Plus is a latex-free premium rigid tape. Developed by our sister brand, Arrowhead Athletics, Protective Plus provides the same top quality performance required by Olympic competitors and professional athletes, and is utilized in the animal health communities for first-aid and supportive applications.

We engineer strength into our tapes that allow them to be 5-10% stronger in tensile break tests than tapes from competing top-of-the-line companies. Our performance against unbranded, generic tapes is even better.

Choose from serrated-edge (for an easier tear) or straight edge.

Contains dry natural rubber.

Standard Size and Packaging

Options # Rolls Roll Length Total Length
Straight edge 32 rolls per case 1.5" x 15 yards 480 yards
(1440 feet)
Serrated edge 32 rolls per case 1.5" x 15 yards
480 yards
(1440 feet)

Custom sizes available upon request.

Product Features

  • porous adhesive engineering results a breathable product
  • outstanding conformability to help it fit over joints, bones and difficult to tape areas
  • tested, proven adhesive system
  • consistent unwinds
  • option of Serrated Edge rolls for easier tear
  • Made in USA, with pride
  • Contains dry natural rubber


  • first-aid
  • medical and supportive treatment needs

Why Arrowhead Tape?

Be ready for anything with Arrowhead animal tapes and wraps. Our tapes are built to be stronger, stretch better, and grip itself tighter than other similar products on the market today. We make our tapes 100% in the USA, using our own equipment and materials in our plant located in Andover, MA.

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