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No-Cone Chewblocker Cohesive Vet Wrap

Food-Grade Protection From Animals Chewing on Bandaged Areas

We have taken our powerful Arrow-Vet Cohesive Wrap and added our own unique chemistry, using food-grade chew prevention additives that make our tape with scent and taste that are unappealing to small and large mammals.

Our cohesive chew prevention chemistry has been tested on small and large mammals, and provides safe, effective protection of sensitive or healing areas that are accessible by a patient’s mouth.

Cohesive wraps, also called tapes or bandages, are staple products in veterinary hospitals, boarding stables, kennels and animal health clinics.  Our No-Cone helps animals recover without extensive isolation, and with less of a risk that the patient will remove their bandages or disrupt the area that needs to heal.

No-Cone features easy tear and a fast-self-gripping ability allows it to be used broadly, and without scissors.  This wrap offers excellent performance at a competitive cost.

Contains natural rubber latexwhich may cause allergic reactions


Standard Size and Packaging

Options # Rolls Roll Length Total Length
2" Case 36 rolls per case 2" x 5 yards 180 yards
(540 feet)
4" Case 18 rolls per case 4" x 5 yards 90 yards
(270 feet)

Blister 12-pack

12 individually packaged rolls per case 2" x 5 yards
60 yards
(180 feet)

Custom sizes available upon request.

Product Features

  • industry-leading self-stick and tensile strength
  • easy unwind, application, and tear
  • does not stick to fur, or lose grip when wet
  • pleasant special scent supports chew prevention
  • no-chew chemistry is human food-grade, natural means of preventing animals chewing on healing or sensitive areas
  • custom color makes it easy to identify from other wraps
  • Contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions


  • For best results:  wrap and tear when under partial stretch and tension
  • First application:  change ChewBlocker dressing once, 6-12 hours after first wrapping;  observe patient for any signs of sensitization
  • If applying to shaved areas or directly on skin, we recommend applying an under-layer of Arrow Vet Cohesive Vet Wrap prior to taping with the ChewBlocker Arrow Vet construction
  • If you observe redness of skin or irritation, please discontinue use.  Skin sensitivity is most often transient and resolves without incident. 


  • supporting muscles & limbs
  • post-operative wrapping
  • protective wrapping during animal transport
  • positioning splints, stirrups, bits, patches, medical products, gauze

Why Arrowhead Tape?

Be ready for anything with Arrowhead animal tapes and wraps. Our tapes are built to be stronger, stretch better, and grip itself tighter than other similar products on the market today. We make our tapes 100% in the USA, using our own equipment and materials in our plant located in Andover, MA.

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