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On-The-Go Pet First Aid Kit (with paw pads!)

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The Lightweight, Easy-Storage Solution for Small Pet First Aid Needs

You can be at home or on the trail - Arrowhead Animal Health First Aid Mini-Kit is the go-to tool for cuts, scrapes and the bumps that happen along the way

Scrapes happen. Cuts, burns, and bruises are facts of life, whether you walk on 2 legs or 4. While there are band-aids and first aid kits almost everywhere for people, pets have some special needs that aren't always met by what's on the shelf.  That's why we created the Arrowhead Animal Health first aid mini-kit.  

It's an easy-to carry box that holds just the essentials to help when a pet gets cut, scraped, burned or bruised.  We include:

  • Arrow-Vet cohesive vet wrap (1 roll) - from an assortment of colors
  • No-Cone cohesive wrap with Arrowhead's custom chew prevention technology (1 roll) - maroon or bright orange
  • Iodine swabs (2) for disinfecting cuts
  • Arrowhead PAW PADS (2) - a new die-cut part that helps cover scraped or injured paws while walking or hiking, protecting the paw and allowing movement with a durable covering (apply over cohesive vet wrap)
  • A large gauze pad (1) to temporarily cover small wounds

NOTE:  this kit is not intended to substitute the care of a trained veterinary clinician or medical technician.  Please have all injuries or possible injuries seen by a trained clinical care provider as soon as possible.  

Proudly made in the USA

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