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A special cohesive bandage that cools for hours –
Perfect for hot days or as an aid for heavy work or race training

Heat can be a real enemy to animals.  Racehorses have so much muscle packed on their frame that race training can leave them steaming on the track – literally! 

All that heat can affect their recovery, well-being, and performance.  There are ways to help beat the heat – ice packs, plaster compresses, fans – but many of them can impact the animal's ability to move freely, weigh them down, or have a hard time conforming to the natural, physical shape of the animal.   

This is a unique vet wrap, which offers both compression and a cooling effect that lasts for hours.  We use simple chemistry, such as ethanol, camphor, and water, to help draw heat away from the surface of the animal, using only a lightweight layer of fabric that can be torn by hand or cut with scissors. 

roll size: 3" x 5yds stretched

rolls per case: 25


Cool Compressor is made with latex

Proudly made in the USA

How much tape will I get?

Options # Rolls
Roll Length
Total Length
(per pack)
Case 25 rolls 3" x 5 yards 125 yards
(375 feet)

Product Features

  • cooling effect up to 6 degrees and lasts for several hours
  • will not absorb water thanks to our special cohesive chemistry
  • stretches and tears easily and consistently
  • unwinding is consistent from the start to the end of the roll
  • allows airflow to wrapped area
  • Made in USA, with pride
  • Does not use any ingredients that are controlled or banned by thoroughbred racing agencies in the US.  If you have questions about specific ingredients, please feel free to reach out to us and ask!


  • To open: unscrew the lid, and puncture and remove the foil seal.  
  • To apply: the Cool Compressor sticks best when overlapping for several inches – try to work with a large overlap to get the best self-grip!  To get the greatest self-grip, apply pressure for 5-10 seconds on overlapping area.  This helps the cohesive bandage anchor to itself
  • To tear:  stretch the bandage before tearing;  when tearing, pull hands away from each other, and initiate the tear action from the hand holding the tape roll
  • Storage:  Store unused portion in the blue canister (included);  opened canisters will keep solution from drying out for weeks or months after opening

Packaging:  Plastic tube, which keeps it from drying out after opening.  Comes with foil cap to prevent drying out and keeping it stable for years before opening. 

Shelf Life: With the foil seal, Cool Compressor has a shelf life of over 1 year without drying out.


  • cooling effect to protect against heat
  • wrapping paws and hooves
  • positioning splints, braces, patches, medical products, wound treatments
  • protective wrapping during animal transport

Why Arrowhead Tape?

We set out to solve this issue with a global search for partners in cooling chemistry, and are proud to share our Cool Compressor Cohesive Wrap for the first time. Arrowhead makes 100% of its products in the USA, using our own equipment and materials in our plant located in Andover, MA.

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