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Arrowhead All-in-One Sample Box

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This sample box contains every kind of tape you'll need for your pet.  With this broad range of stretches, rigids, adhesives, and non-sticks, you can't go wrong!

Each box includes:

2 rolls 2" No-Cone (1 orange, 1 maroon)-Our innovative no-chew cohesive wrap

2 rolls 2" Arrow Vet- Cohesive wrap, perfect for joint support and protection after 1st Aid application

2 rolls 1" Lite-Guard- Light-weight stretch tape for joint support or securing bandages, preferably over pre-wrap

1 rolls 2" Lite-Guard- Same as 2" Lite-Guard, but more ideal for smaller areas 

1 roll 1" Protective (rigid tape)- Adhesive tape for securing bandages and joint support.  This is only recommended when used with pre-wrap

1 roll 1" Thin Flex-Low-profile stretch tape that feels barely there

1 roll 1.5" Split roll (1"| 0.5")- Split rolls are perfect for when you have both larger and small areas to tape/wrap.  The convenience of split rolls is that is allows you to change the width of you tape without the hassle of buying 2 different tapes.


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